Goat Head Black Hoodie - Sizes Small to 2XL

Regular price $35.00

By request (yes I take requests!) the 'As Above So Below' design is now on a hoodie with text removed so you can Rock the Goat!

What's with the goat? For some the goat head is representative of Baphomet, a transgendered pagan idol that has been associated with the Knights Templars. Traditional images feature Latin words SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together). The occult image is the divine androgyne, a coming together of opposites which for folks like Crowley represents "What occurs above so reflects below, or As above so below".

Other folks feel the goat represents other gods like Pan, Dionysus, Hermes, and other horned gods. Also could be reflective of a sacrificial 'scape goat'.

or like, it's just a goat. Goats are cool, they eat all the things and are cool at petting zoos. I like goats, they're neat.

This hoodie zips in the front and the design is on the back. Fabric is spun from a plush poly-cotton blend, will quickly become a go-to essential. Features a relaxed fit deep hood with white drawstrings, full zip closure and ribbed cuffs and waistband.

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