About Us

When I was a child there was this patch of wild that was nestled next to my house in the drab suburbs. A creek ran through, cutting a path and surrounded by woods that ran next to the elementary school down, past our house, and onward past others heading south. It's mouth was a huge cement oval tunnel that we kids called the Snake Tunnel. It was like a gateway, big enough for adults to stand in and it's path lead underneath my neighbor's houses for about a mile or more to a pond. As a child this is where I would go to get lost. There were trees to climb, places to hide, frogs to catch, and mysterious wild everywhere. I thought it was huge, but it was really no bigger than a quarter acre. I found out my mom would watch me play from a nearby hill and I had no idea. 

This is the LandLab, called that because the elementary school nearby used to teach kids about nature, although that program had ended a few years before I attended school. For me it was a place to have adventures, to be curious, to explore. To learn about the world and to wonder. 

Many years later as an artist and illustrator that is a feeling I still want to bring to others. 

My name is Sara Adrian, I've been working as a fine artist specializing in oil and acrylic portraiture who also enjoys teaching others about art and materials, and I also work as an illustrator where I focus on more spot graphics, and logo design, with a publishing project in the works. LandLab Arts is one way I am able to offer my personal work so it's affordable and practical. We are all here to tell our story and the art we have in our homes, the clothes we wear, and the items we surround ourselves with can enrich and remind us of what we hold special.

Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions about anything you see on this site, or about what I do as an artist please contact me at info@landlabarts.com