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In the Studio

Sara Adrian

I hope you've been having a fantastic summer. For me it's studio time and I'm both painting and working on my illustrations. I've put more designs in the shop, check out the 'what's new' section to see.... what's new!

Some of the new designs are these Pictish designs that were inspired by these old 9th century stone carvings from the Scottish Highlands. They were made around the time it was believed that Christianity was starting to make inroads in the area, and some of these old Gaelic/Celtic stone carvings slowly became the stone crosses people would find in church yards. Nobody knows however what these original designs meant, like the double disk Z Rod with the broken spear or the crescent moon V Rod with it's broken arrow motif. There are lots more designs that were found and if you like you can read more about them here. The romantic in me thinks maybe they had to do with the sun and moon and their seasons or festivals associated with them, or the journey of the soul... but nobody knows. They are interesting and it was fun to be inspired by and re-create them. 

I've also added more modified designs that were requested, especially the hoodies. Yeah I'll modify art for you, just send me a message!


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